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Please begin the cremation arrangement process below


Thank you for placing your trust in us and letting us assist you with this new way to make Cremation Arrangements

  • Communication with place of passing to receive permission to transfer into our care

  • Follow up with doctor to obtained signed medical

  • Registration of death with vital satistics

  • Preparation of documents to obtain permits for cremation

  • Funeral Directors Statements of Death

  • Pre paid or pre arranged services are not currently provided by

    • ​Steps towards planning may be made by starting a file but these are subject to increase in costs as todays rates are not guaranteed

Cremation Package
  • Professional Funeral Home transfer personnel will transfer your loved one into our care with without delay. 

    Our staff will arrive in a three piece suit with the most modern and safest equipment to transfer your loved one into our care with compassion and professionalism.

    GPS monitored 2017 unmarked discrete vehicles are used to safely transfer your loved one into our care.

    Reports are available of what route was used, how fast the vehicle drove and that it did so without excessive breaking or cornering or making any additional unnecessary stops with your loved one,


Automotive Services was born online and partnered with Calgary Crematorium™ to provide compassionate, knowledgeable professionals able to cater to the specific to the needs of Calgarians.   

Calgary Crematorium™ is Calgary’s oldest and most trusted crematorium.  Located within City of Calgary’s Queens Park Cemetery. Calgary Crematorium™ offers a park like setting complete with onsite parking, reception, gathering, service, witness spaces, columbarium and private viewing rooms.

Cremation Services

Prior to cremation families often find comform in having their loved one bathed one last time and then dressed in their own clothing.  The clothing often will include socks shoes and undergarments but this is not nescessary.

Care For The Deceased

If families desire clothing can be provided to Calgary Crematorium between

8:30am and 4:30 pm Monday - Friday

Please upload  a photo of the deceased to allow us to properly prepare for the cremation.  

This photo will be used to assist with identification confirmation prior to cremation.

The Alberta Fueral Service regulatory Board has a small fee that all Alberta Funeral Homes (including Online) charge to maintain the board and provide its services to all Albertans.

Alberta Regulatory Board Fee

The mission of the Alberta Fueral Service regulatory Board is 

"To set and maintain the highest level of competence, ethics and educational standards for funeral service professionals"

Vist the AFSRB to learn more

Funeral Director’s Statements of Death are used as official notification of death to some or all of the below examples.

Funeral Director’s Statements of Death:

Employer of the deceased
Employer of friends and family for bereavement leave
Airlines for compassionate travel
Automobile insurance companies
House insurance companies
Life insurance companies
Air miles
Credit card companies
Car financing companies
Revenue canada
Canada Pension


Official Death Certificate -  alternative to the Funeral Directors Statement Of Death

  • May be required for outside Alberta legal matters

  • Family genealogical records

    • Similar to a birth or marriage certificate (family heirloom)

  • Does not include the cause of death (contact Alberta registries directly)

Official Death Certificate

Obituaries are used as historical documents and notices to the community of the death of someone others may know.  

Now that over 50% of obituaries are found online, the internet now plays a critical role in obituaries.

Obituary Notice

Please contact Calgary Crematorium for assistance and cost estimates of placing obituaries in Calgary Herald or Calgary Sun

Calgary Crematorium 403-299-0111

Urns can be received at Calgary Crematorium or alternatly urn can be shipped via Express Post if you wish.

Receipt of Cremated Remains:

Please open calendar and select date

After the death of your loved one, you are often left with the responsibilities that may seem insurmountable.  Putting these tasks off can often delay benefits to a surviving spouse or child. 

In order to help your family complete these tasks in a timely manner, we will;

  • Complete the application for Canada Pension Plan lump sum Death Benefit.

  • Complete the application for Canada Pension Plan monthly Survivor’s Pension.

  • Complete the application for Canada Pension Plan monthly Children’s Benefit.

  • Obtain and complete life insurance claimant forms.

  • Obtain and complete employer health, life insurance and pension forms.

  • Give notification and supply Certificates of Death to any bank, trust company, union, etc.

  • Deliver all completed forms to their required locations.

  • Complete any other services you may require.

Estate Benefit Services
Additional Items

If families wish cremation can be delayed with the use of a proper temperature controlled environment to shelter the body prior to cremation.  They length of time will determin the additional cost if any.

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