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Online Cremation Professional Fee

  • Online Price (within Calgary city limits) (Price: $295.00)
  • Alberta Regulatory Board Fee (Price: $10.00)

Cremation Fee

  • Adult Cremation (Price: $495.00)

Cremation Container

  • Minimal Tray (Price: $210.00)

Automotive Services 

  • Preparation and transfer (Price: $195.00 - $235.00)

Preparation of Deceased

  • No preparation or dressing (Price: $0.00)

Funeral Directors Statements of Death 

  • No additional Funeral Director's Statements of Death (2 included) (Price: 0.00)

Receiving Cremated Remains

  • Receive Urn at Calgary Crematorium Mon -Fri (9am  4pm) (Price: $0.00)

Estate Benefit Assistance

  • No benefit assistance (Price: 0.00)
  • Estate Benefit Assistance by Calgary Crematorium (Price: $265.00)