Death Certificates

A Certified Death Certificate is not always necessary.  A Funeral Directors Statement Of Death can be obtained through a Funeral Director and is often all that you require (saving the estate money).  It is a good idea to obtain multiple copies of the Funeral Director’s Statements of Death as most agencies require a certified certificate and not a photocopy.

Funeral Director’s Statements of Death are used as official notification of death to some or all of the below examples.

  • Employer of the deceased
  • Employer of friends and family for bereavement leave
  • Airlines for compassionate travel
  • Banks
  • Automobile insurance companies
  • House insurance companies
  • Life insurance companies
  • Pensions
  • Lawyers
  • Accountants
  • Air miles
  • Credit card Companies
  • Car financing companies
  • Revenue canada
  • Canada Pension